About Common Ball of Foot Conditions and Injuries

About Common Ball of Foot Conditions and Injuries


The metatarsal bones are the long bones of the feet. They are located between the bones that form the ankle (tarsal bones) and the bones of the toes (phalanges). Metatarsalgia is pain in the long bones of the feet, especially located at the heads (ball of the foot), of these bones.


Metatarsalgia typically occurs from doing too much of a weight-bearing activity such as running, jumping, or walking. It may occur if you start wearing a new type of shoes, especially high-heeled shoes. In some people, some metatarsals point further down than in the others, making these bones more likely to hurt.


You have pain and tenderness in the middle of the foot, especially over the bones at the ball of the foot.


You may be treated with an anti-inflammatory medication. Temporary padding may to put underneath the tender metatarsal, followed by custom-made arch supports (orthotics) to prevent in the future.

While you are recovering from your injury, you will need to change your sport or activity. For example, you may need to swim or bicycle instead of run or walk.

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